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Hang with the nocturnal animals of the night on Singapore Zoo's Night Safari

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Night Safari is located in the same area asSingapore Zoo and River Safari, and is the world’s first safari park fornocturnal animals. Hop on the tram and be taken around the park for an insightinto how nocturnal animals including lions, tigers, elephants and giraffesbehave at night.

Before heading into Night Safari, we decidedto have dinner at the outdoor food court that is located just outside. Therewas a wide range of cuisines to choose from, and it was nice to be able to sitand relax for a little bit before heading into the zoo. Prices for most mealswere reasonable at ~$16. We even had some cheeky monkeys come and watch us eatfrom the rooftops.


Admission into Night Safari is in hourly timeslots, starting from 7:15pm until the last entry at 11:15pm. When we booked ourtickets, we opted for the earliest time slot of 7:15pm to ensure the kidswouldn’t have too late of a night. While we were waiting in line to get in, wewere entertained by the Thumbuakar Performance which is a fire and dance showjust outside of the Night Safari entrance.


There’s only the one animal show at NightSafari, titled Creatures of the Night. I highly recommend planning which show time you want to go to andarriving at the theatre well before the advertised time. We attempted to go tothe show at two different times during our visit, but were unable to get in, asthe theatre was already full.

One of the major highlights of Night Safari isthe Guided Tram Ride around the zoo, which is included in the price of yourticket. We initially dismissed going on the tram as the line to get on wasreally really long. We eventually realised the tram got exclusive access to alot of the zoo which wasn’t available on the walk trails, so we headed to theback of the line and waited for our turn

The line did move pretty fast, withan empty tram arriving every few minutes. We did find it a bit difficult havingour pram while waiting in line and at one point we had to fold it up, as itcould no longer fit between the railings. Lucky we didn’t have any sleepingkids in the pram at that point, because it would have been a big inconvenience.Once we were on the tram, all was forgotten as we started to make our wayaround the zoo.

singaporenightsafariwagon Image credit: Singapore Zoo Night Safari website

From the tram we couldsee most of the animals really well. We saw Lions, Tigers, Elephants and lotsof Tapirs. All the animals were incredibly active, and one part of the ridegoes through a free range part of the zoo, so the animals are even closer. Thewhole tram ride took about 45 minutes and does a large proportion of the zoo. Thetram ride was by far the best zoo experience I have had. There’s just somethingabout being at the zoo at night time, it really got the adrenaline going andwas quite magical


If you are up for it, there are 4 differentwalk trails around the zoo. These take you to some of the smaller animals,which are a little harder to see and find. Before going on the tram we did partof the Fishing Cat trail, but the kids found it a bit scary walking around thezoo at night. We were also exhausted from fitting in Singapore Zoo, RiverSafari and Night Safari into the one day, I couldn’t muster the energy to walkany more!


If I had to choose my favourite zoo, NightSafari would be the winner. It is definitely worth keeping the kids up thatlittle bit later to experience it.

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How To Get There: Drive, catch a taxi or take the North-South (Red) MRT and get a connecting bus

Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Candice, 15th August 2018


Candice Kocken – Kids Around Perth South of the River, Hills & Events Reporter / Mum of 3 kids.

Candice is a Mum of 3 who loves cooking, sewing and taking her kids out to explore our beautiful state of WA. Follow Candice and her adventures @uncannymum on Instagram.

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