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Padma Resort Bali

Pictured: Infinity pool with swim in bar Padma Resort Legian, Bali

The Padma Resort Bali located in Legian, just a few minutes drive from Kuta, is a great option for families looking for a resort that is relaxing and fun for the whole family.  

There are no water slides, water playgrounds in the pool areas or other amusement type equipment (other than in the Kids Club area) - so if you are looking for somewhere that is fun for the whole family without the amusement park feel, then the Padma Bali is the perfect choice for your next family holiday! 


Our favourite was the Lagoon Pool, this super long pool winds around along the base of one the accomodation areas and is surrounded by stunning balinese gardens and has several bridges that go over it.  You feel like you are swimming through the jungle as you swim under the water falls and look up at the "jungle" plants arching over the water.  

Most of the pool is maximum 140cm deep which is a perfect depth for parents who must assist children to swim, and there are several areas around 65cm deep which is perfect for toddlers to splash around in.  There is a large toddler splash area that has a waterfall that goes into it and a cool cave the kids can run through behind the waterfall.  Its raised from the main pool area and separated by a rocky wall which the bigger kids loved jumping from!

Pictured left: Cave behind the waterfall in the Lagoon Pool; Pictured right: Toddler splash area under waterfall Lagoon Pool.

 The kids loved this pool, they played games pretending they were spy's in the jungle and loved climbing over the rocks and swimming under the waterfalls.

There are lots of pool noodles and inflatables that can be borrowed from the pool house for some added fun too! 

The pool is open until 9pm and is beautifully lit making it even more stunning at night!  We enjoyed a couple of night swims after dinner, one night a little bat swooped into the water right near my 6yo son, he was pretty excited! 

Pictured: Lagoon Pool at night

The Infinity Pool (pictured top) is good fun too, this is a larger rectangular shaped pool, great for doing some early morning laps if you are keen! It is also surrounded by beautiful Balinese gardens there are lots of lounge chairs for sun baking.  This is also a great place to get a massage or get your hair braided.

The pool is located very close to the beach.  It is well protected both physically and visually from the beach front, and it is only a short walk from here down onto the beach front.

There is another shallow pool that runs alongside this pool for toddlers to splash around in.  There are basketball rings at each end and soccer type nets so kids enjoyed a couple of games of basketball and water polo against their friends.

There are also inflatables and pool noodles for loan here to so the kids will love playing in this big pool too! 

A great feature of this pool too is the large shallow splash area next to the bar - so you can closely supervise little ones splashing around while you enjoy a drink at the swim up bar! 


The Padma Bali Kids Club is called the Wolly Kids Club and includes a gaming centre, outdoor play area, and indoor activities and play area.

It is available to use for in house guests from 9am - 8.30pm.  The outdoor and indoor play area are for kids 2-9 years and the gaming centre is available to be used by children between the age of 10-17yrs.

Kids aged under 2 may use the kids club too but must be accompanied by a babysitter, parent or other guardian at all times. 

They have a great daily activity program, with different age appropriate activities every couple of hours.

You can see the latest activity program here

Outside is small fenced in play area with trampolines and swings and inside kids can play in the cubby house, join in daily activities and watch movies.  Kids aged 10+ can play electronic and other games in the gaming centre.

Kids are kept inside after dark due to reduce mosquito bite risks.

There is also a quiet room with a bed so kids can have a sleep during the day or in the evening if they are a bit tired.

If you purchase the Garden Club Package (a bit more on that later but you can pay extra for package benefits) parents get FREE cocktails between 5-7pm there are strictly no kids  (u13) at this, so the Kids Club is handy for kids to go to in the evening so parents can enjoy some time out each day! 

Saturday Night Party! They also have a kids party on every Saturday night with games, prizes and a movie.  Our kids found this night a bit overwhelming, it is very loud and there are usually lots of kids - however the other nights are fairly quiet and the kids enjoyed the Kids Club on these nights.

There are however some great testimonials from other families on their website about how their kids loved the party night - so it may depend on your child and how many kids are actually attending the party night.

A babysitting service is also by contacting housekeeping for around Rp50.000 per child per hour (~AU$5)


We stayed in a Garden Club Chalet which included Garden Club Benefits.  Not all accommodation has the Garden Club Benefits option.

These beautiful chalets featured a king size bed & single day bed.  There was not enough room to accomodate another single bed, however we requested a mattress from the resort supplied cot for our toddler.

There is a small courtyard area outside that is enclosed with hedging type plants making it great for ensuring young children have somewhere to crawl around without being able to get out. 

Outside our chalet was a large grassed area where the kids enjoyed a few games of soccer and exploring the balinese artwork in the gardens.

The chalet also had a huge shower, that was so big there was room enough for the whole family to shower together.

The room also had a plug in mosquito repellent device - and new refills were supplied each day.

Lagoon Access Rooms are also available with Garden Club Benefits.  If you want to stay in these rooms that have direct access to the lagoon pool from the back on the room with kids under 6 you will need to sign a liability waiver - as it obviously presents a risk to young children who may inadvertently access the pool.  

However this may be a great option if staying at the resort with a very young baby that is not yet mobile, parents can enjoy a swim while baby sleeps, and the shallow area outside the rooms (65cm deep) makes a great little splash area for parents with babies.


The Padma Resort Bali provides many dining options and experiences, and have special events on each week, there was a delicious Japanese Buffet at the Tenkai Japanese Restaurant for around AU$25 per person one night during our visit.

The main dining area the Donbiu, has a beautiful open eating area where you can overlook the ocean and stunning Padma gardens and ponds.  This is where the buffet breakfast is held each morning.  

There is fish feeding out the front which the kids loved and looked forward to each morning.

For Garden Club members there is an air-conditioned section that is fully enclosed and overlooks the beautiful Padma gardens.  The kids loved eating here and feeding the squirrels nuts each morning.  Garden Club members can also enjoy complimentary morning tea and afternoon cakes and icecream in this area.

On your way home from breakfast make sure you check out the little turtle in one of the Koi ponds right near the Italian Restaurant (currently being rebuild).

And of course if you don't feeling like hitting the restaurant with tired kids you order delicious, affordable room service or order your meal by the pool


The Padma Resort Legian, Bali, is only a short taxi ride to Kuta - depending on the traffic it should cost you between AU$2-$3 one way if you use a Bali Blue Taxi and ask for the meter to be put on.

However, as soon as you step out of the hotel you have access to great restaurants, market shopping, mini marts and laundries.

Laundry tip! Head left out of the Padma, there is a laundry on the right about 50 meters from the resort entrance.  It cost about AU0.30c per item to get laundry washed, dryed, ironed and plastic wrapped - great for getting all your washing done before you leave! 

The Padma Resort Bali is also located right on the beach, you can access the beach from the resort just behind the Infinity Pool.


The gardens at the Padma Resort Bali are absolutely amazing, make sure you take the time to walk around and explore the resort, and check out all the Balinese artwork, gardens and koi ponds. It really is beautiful, its amazing what you will discover! 


We made full use of the Garden Club Benefits and it was definitely worth paying the extra.  Mainly for the complimentary free tea, coffee, soft drink all day, afternoon tea with icecream, snacks and cheese and cocktails and canapes between 5-7pm for adults.

For a full list of Garden Club Benefits see the website.

If you are looking for somewhere to stay in Bali as a family and you want the full resort style holiday, that's fun for the kids too - you will be glad you chose the Padma.  

It is conveniently located near the beach and lots of restaurants and shopping in Legian, and is only a short taxi ride to Kuta.

The staff at the Padma Resort Bali, are very friendly and adore having families stay - they will do everything they can to make your stay perfect! 

If you would like to enquire about a holiday at the Padma Resort for your family - contact Julie Revett - The Family Travel Guru.  Email today to find out how much she can save you on your next family holiday at this amazing family resort.

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