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Peet Park Cloverdale

Playground | Toilets | Water Fountain/Bottle Filling Station | Cricket Nets | Dog Exercise Park

Upgraded in 2019 with a bright and fun new playground, Peet Park is perfect for a naturally shady suburban play for kids of all ages.

The playground is well suited to kids of all ages with a big slide for the big kids that is a bit of a challenge to get to with tall rope climb access only!

On the other side is a lower level play structure for the younger ones, but still with plenty to challenge them too, plus two slides and a cool rope bridge that joins the two sections of the playground together.

Around the play structures is a seesaw, a merry-go round that kids can either sit or stand on and a set of swings including a toddler swing. Plus there is a pole with a bucket on top that you can throw a ball in and add up your points depending on which hole the ball comes out from - so make sure you bring a ball along with you.

Toilets and a water fountain with bottle filling station is located right alongside the playground. There is big oval to so you can have a run around or kick a ball and there is plenty of parking in the carpark located near the playground. 

Peet Park Cloverdale is a fun, naturally shaded park that's perfect for a quiet catch up and play with friends.

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Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 11th April 2019

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