Perth Airport Public Viewing Platform

* Viewing Platform * Sheltered Seating Area * Free Parking * Full Pram / Disabled Access

The Perth Viewing Platform is a great place to take the kids to see the airplanes take off and land at Perth Airport.

Located on Dunreath Drive between the Perth Domestic Airport and the Perth International Airport - the Perth Viewing Platform will be a hit with any little one that loves planes.

The entry is about 300-400m from the platform up a slight inclined ramp, which provides for full disabled access. So keep this in mind for the elderly or those with physical impairments.

It's open April to September 730-1730 & October to March 0630-1900.

If you're lucky enough on the day you may get to see planes landing or taxing right in front of the platform, otherwise you still get a good view of them taking off.

There are a few wooden seats - and a some shade erected so it's a great spot to have a coffee or have a light packed lunch.

There's lots of room for the kids to have a little run around, so it makes a great stop if you are taking a drive up to the hills or out of town to break up the drive.

Safety Considerations
The area around the viewing platform has been well cleared to reduce snake risks but it is mostly (but not completely) enclosed with railing so make sure kids don't wander into bush areas.

For the elderly or physically impaired person be aware that it is a 300-400m walk up a slight incline to the platform. The ramp however is fully disabled and pram accessible

What to Bring
There is some seating there, but if it is busy and you would like to stay for a little while may be worth bringing along your own folding chairs. Also not a lot of shade so bring hats and sunscreen.

If your child is sensitive to loud noise you may want to consider bringing baby or kids earmuffs.

How to Get There
Perth Airport Viewing Platform Map 

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