Perth Kids Activities

There are heaps of activities for kids to enjoy in Perth. Lots of them are free, of course, like our marvellous Perth playgrounds and Adventures.

Some kids’ activities can be expensive, but most are cost effective.  Have a look at all the posts here to give you heaps of ideas.

The 7 Best Farmstay near Margaret River

The 7 Best Farmstay near Margaret River

The Best Farmstay near Margaret River Are you thinking of taking a trip to the picturesque Margaret River Region? Well, here’s a question for you: Is a visit to this…

Explorasaurus – Best Dinosaur Play Centre

Explorasaurus – Best Dinosaur Play Centre

Explorasaurus O’Connor (previously Tropical Twist O’Connor) is so much more than just a play centre, it’s a whole dinosaur exhibition experience too. Its a one of a kind play centre, indoor…

Amusement Parks Perth

The Best 5 Amusement Parks Perth

The Best Amusement Parks Perth – In and Near Perth Find the best Amusement Parks Perth with this awesome guide! Picture this: it’s a sunny Saturday morning, and you’re sitting…

Dog Friendly Beaches Perth

Dog Friendly Beaches In Perth

Are you and your kids’ dog lovers? Do you own a playful pup that’s just itching to hit the beach? Well, you’re in luck because Perth offers some of the…

Best Waterfalls in Perth

Best Waterfalls in Perth

Are your kids craving an adventure in the wild that goes beyond the usual park trip? Tired of hearing, “But we want to see something different!” Well, have you considered…

Yanchep National Park Perth

Yanchep National Park: Best 5 Tips

Amazing Fact: Discover the Ancient Aboriginal Caves of Yanchep National Park Did you know that Yanchep National Park is not only a stunning natural park but also holds historical significance?…

Lollipops Ellenbrook

Play Centres Perth

Find the best Play Centres Perth here! We are lucky to have so many wonderful indoor Play Centres in Perth, you are bound to find one near you! Perth Play…