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Pirate Bar Joondana

* Highchairs available * Open Mon - Tues 5pm to late & Wed - Sun 12noon - late

If you have a little pirate in your family you must take them out for a meal at the fabulous Pirate Bar in Joondana!

While this is a bar, during the quieter hours it's a suitable and fun place to take kids out for a meal.  We recommend if you are going to dine here with kids that you go earlier in the week and early in the evening. We dined early on a Tuesday evening an it was nice and quiet, not too many people at the bar drinking. Later in the night or on the weekend you may find there are a few too many drunken pirates around!

They have a great treasure chest filled with pirate toys - there is a fantastic big wooden pirate ship that my youngest just loved.

There is another treasure chest that is full of pirate dress ups too!

The whole bar is decked out with pirate paraphernalia that the kids will love to look at and spot around the bar.  There are even portholes as windows at the front. There is an indoor and small outdoor dining area too.  The dining tables are very comfortable with lounge type chairs inside and some bench seats outside. 

There isn't a kids menu as such, but we just ordered some chips and a Margarita pizza and they added ham to it.  They didn't have normal tomato sauce however (it was a thicker, darker ketchup), I did recommend they get some for the kids chips so hopefully they done that.. As for prices, they were very reasonable, for myself and the two kids we had the Margarita pizza, chips and three soft drinks for about $25.

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal at the Pirate Bar Joondana.  The kids loved the toy boxes and all the pirate decorations.  The dim lighting sets the mood too.

How to Get There: 25 Green St Joondana

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