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Planes Fire & Rescue Review

Planes – Fire & Rescue is the sequel to the first movie Planes.  Leading in from the 1st movie Dusty Crophopper (Dane Cook) continues he’s winning streak, taking part and winning air races all over the world.

His racing career is booming and he is surrounded by his wonderful supportive friends at Propwash Junction Airport.

But when Dusty has a mid air incident, caused by a fault with is gear box, he’s told that he can no longer race unless a new gear box can be found, which is unlikely.

Devastated Dusty recklessly hits the skies but loses concentration and crashes into the Propwash Junction Airport causing a huge fire.  But old Propwash Junction is unprepared for the fire and is shutdown for failing to comply with fire safety and emergency requirements.

Dusty steps up, and puts himself forward to get certified as a fire fighter so Propwash Junction can re-open.

On arrival at Piston Peak National Park where he will do his training he meets the Fire team – who quite frankly are all a bit strange in one way or another.  Dipper (Julie Bowen) has a huge crush on Dusty and she’s not shy about it, Windlifter (Wes Studi) talks like an American Indian and Blade Ranger (Ed Harris) is very secretive and unemotional – giving the immediate impression that Dusty is not welcome and he doesn’t think he has what it takes.

But when it comes to the action these characters put their quirky personalities aside as Dusty is mesmorised by the professional display as they work together to put out a fire in the national park.

There are so many car/train/plane puns and jokes in the movie it’s hard to keep up with them all – but they provide many a laugh for the parents.  I most loved the "stalker" character Dipper

Soon Dusty finds becoming a fire fighter is a lot harder than he thought – and is not sure he has what it takes.  When he finds out that a gearbox cannot be found – and that he’ll never race again, his word comes crashing down.

Will Dusty have what it takes and will his engine hold up to save the “Fuselodge”, Piston Peak National Park and all the town folk from the massive out of control fire, you’ll have to watch to find out.

Both boys 4 & 8 yrs enjoyed the movie, however my 8 year old felt it was a bit young for him so it's probably more for the younger ones. There are some quite grown up themes, like the characters hanging out in a bar "Honkers instead of Hooters" but kids are unlikely to pick up on this - and it provides some great laughs for the adults.

Planes Fire & Rescue 8/10!

* Recommended for 2yrs+ * lots of action * younger children may get scared in some of the fire scenes  * lots of laughs for the grown ups * some grown up themes

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