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Postman Pat - The Movie Review

Everyone' beloved postman, Postman Pat, hits the big screen August 16th, 2014! I was pleasantly surprised by this movie it has a great storyline and will change the way you think of Postman Pat - by the end you won't think he's just the daggy postman the kids watch on tv, you'll know him as Postman Pat, the superstar!

When Postman Pat (voiced by Stephen Mangan) learns that he wont recieve his bonus, and wont be able to take his wife on the holiday of a lifetime to Italy that he promised her - he decides to try out for "Are You The One" (much like American/Australian Idol and X Factor) and hosted by the very difficult to please Simon Cowbell (voiced by Robin Atkin Downes), to win the money to take his wife on the trip of a lifetime he promised.

Much to everybody's surprise Pat belts out a power love ballad (sung by Ronan Keating) and wins himself a way into the finals.

But who will do Postman Pat's vital postal work while he is busy with interviews and autograph signings.  Well an Special Delivery Service Efficiency Expert (and wannbe CEO & world dominator) Edwin Carbunkle, voiced by Peter Woodward  creates an army of "Patbots" to do his work - and of course take over the world at the same time.

Kids will especially love all the "Road Runner vs The Coyote" type scenes that see the characters, hit in the head, fall down and so forth - you know there is nothing funnier in a cartoon that seeing one of the characters get hurt, it's wrong, but it's true! Postman Pat's cat Jess is on the receiving end of a lot of these accidents!

The younger children will enjoy Postman Pat - The Movie, and with the correlation to American Idol & The X Factor it may even hold the interest of older children too. There are a few little laughs for the parents too.

Postman Pat - The Moview  7/10!

* Recommended for 5yrs and under * lots of action * some low level violence * no scary scenes or characters  * some laughs for the grown ups

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