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Printable Kids Activities Sheets

These printable kids activities sheets, help you keep the kids entertained while you are about, so that you can enjoy some moments of peace and relaxation.

They are designed not only to keep them occupied but involve them in the experience, teaching them to use the features of their surroundings to create fun and play! 

Activity Sheets are available for immediate download! Once you have opened your download make sure you save the file to a secure location (allowable downloads has been set to a maximum of 9)

If you have any problems downloading any of these products please don't hesitate to contact us and we will send you a direct download link.

Now all that's left to do is, sit back, relax and enjoy watching them enjoying themselves! 

Cafe & Restaurant Activity Sheet

Many cafes and restaurants may supply colouring-in sheets but unfortunately this may only buy you a certain amount of time before the kids are wanting something else to do.

Our Cafe & Restaurant activity sheet lets them get up and move around the cafe or restaurant, and gets their minds busy on completing a few challenges, designed to be fun, educational and memorable by getting them involved in the cafe or restaurant dining experience.

This activity sheet includes

  • Cafe & Restaurant Bingo - there are a series of images of items you would typically find in a cafe or restaurant for them to find and mark off
  • A maze activity where they must help the cutlery find the plate of food
  • Stepping stone number activity where monkey must follow the numbers in order to get to his banana
  • A place to write their name and where they are dining to practice those writing skills

You can even laminate the sheet and use it over and over again - it then also makes a good little place mat for a nice clean surface.

They will ask to complete this activity every time you go to a new place to dine or have a coffee - so you can sit back relax and enjoy watching them enjoy themselves!

* product is available for immediate download via your inbox * file prints on A4 size paper, in pdf format & is approx 85kb in size * may be downloaded up to 9 times (recommended to save the file for future use) * if you have any problems with your download contact us to have the link sent direct 

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