Rio 2 (G) Movie Review

Don't miss Blu and his family on their next jungle adventure!


In Rio 2 we  pick up not long after the end of the first movie with Blu & Jewel and their family of three kids living a semi wild – semi domesticated life, the best of both worlds you might say!  And the perfect life given the complete opposite upbringings of Blu & Jewel

But Jewel however isn’t quite comfortable with how domesticated her family has become, and when they find out that there may be more Blue Macaws in the Amazon, she decides that the family needs an adventure and they set off, with their friends Pedro, Nico & Rafael also in tow, for the deep jungles of the Amazon.

When they arrive they soon realise that they are not alone – and that destiny has stepped in and reunited Jewel with her long lost family.  This quick “vacay” soon turns into a life changing event, one that now leaves the mostly domesticated and human loving Blu, feeling just a bit uncomfortable.

Not only is life in the deep jungle with a ban on “human things” a little unsettling for Blu, he is challenged by the very strong, good looking and somewhat arrogant Roberto (played by Bruno Mars) who whisks JuJu (his pet name for Jewel back in the day) off her feet. He sings his way into the story line – leaving no doubt about who is the voice of this character is.

Blu finds himself outcast from the flock, but in the end it’s who he is that gives him the strength to  lead the flock to try to save their home.

This movie reminds us that we are who we are today because of where we have come from and how we were raised and this cannot and should not be changed.  It’s important to be adaptable to changes in life – but we must use what we have learned in our past to guide our future – and others need to be accepting of those that may be different in whatever way and give them the chance to adapt and be open to learning something new from them.

The end of the movie shows us that even if people (or birds) are very different, if we all have the same common goal it’s easy to work together to achieve great things!

Even if you haven’t seen the first one you’ll still enjoy Rio 2!

Rio 2 – 8/10!

* Recommended for kids 2yrs + * lots of action * some low level violence * no scary scenes or characters  * lots of laughs for the grown ups

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