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Rottnest Island WA

Rottnest Island (known informally as "Rotto") is located approximately 18 km west of Fremantle, Perth is most commonly accessed by one of the Rottnest ferries, but you can also get there by light plane, helicopter or private boat. Best known for it's beautiful white beaches, clear waters perfect for swimming, diving and snorkelling and of course the famous quokka which is native to the island. Rottnest is a great family holiday or day trip destination and should be put on the things you must do list for those visiting Perth and WA.

Note: If you require emergency or medical assistance while on the island - Dial 000 for an emergency or for medical assistance go to the Nursing Post on Somerville Drive or call 9292 5030 (after hours this number will redirect to Health Direct who will put you through to the on-call nurse if necessary)

Getting There

The most popular way to get to Rottnest Island is the Rottnest Island Ferries, from Perth, Hillarys & Fremantle. You can also get information on getting the air taxi or helicopter from Jandakot or renting a mooring and taking your own boat over. Find out more...

Free Things To Do

With the right planning there are plenty of free things to do with kids on Rottnest Island. Find our list of 8 fun Free Things To Do at Rottnest here

Cheap Things To Do

Rottnest Island is unfortunately not renowned as being a cheap familly getaway but there are some cheap things to do on the island that the kids will love that won't cost you the earth.  Find our list of 5 fun Cheap Things To Do at Rottnest here


There are several tours available so you can see more of the island and learn about it's history.  Find out more about Rottnest Island tours here...

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