Swan Canning Riverpark

* Jetty * Toilets & Showers * Shaded Table and Chairs * Swings * Bike/Walking Path * Great Swimming/Splash Spot (Avoid on a high tide or storm surge however)

You may have seen the Swan Canning Riverpark while driving north down the Kwinana freeway and always thought to take the kids there, it is a bit hard to work out how to get there, but that is what we are here for.

Below are the directions on how to find the bridge that you need to walk over to access this amazing little play area!

Firstly we will give you some instructions on how to find it! The most direct way is to head down Labouchere Rd, South Perth, past the Perth Zoo and past South Tce, then turn right down Preston St, until you can go no further.  There is parking at the corner of Preston & Melville right at the base of the bridge you need to go over to get to the Swan Canning Riverpark

Preston St - Direct entry to Swan Canning Riverpark

Or to add a bit more of a walk you can access the bridge further north from Comer St, at the Comer Reserve. You can also turn down Comer St, from Labouchere Rd. If you access the bridge further north, its just an extra 5 min walk along the scenic walkway along the river to get to the Swan Canning Riverpark. It's a great little ride to do on your bike or scooter! 

There is also a great little playground and large grassed area with bbq's at the Comer St, Reserve so it's a great place to have a bbq lunch after exploring the Swan Canning Riverpark!

Comer St - a bit north of the Swan Canning Riverpark for a short walk or ride along the river to get there

The kids will love watching the cars on the freeway as they go over the bridge 

Once you have made your way over the bridge you can head straightout onto the jetty, the kids loved walking all the way down and seeing the fish.The water is quite shallow until right at the end so you can see all the jelly fish and fish in the water.  They also loved the pelican sitting on the light, which you are also bound to see on your visit.

Warning: while the jetty is quite wide it is not handrailed all the way down both sides.  It's quite shallow until the last 10m - so be careful with young children who can't swim

Right near the jetty is a little play area with toilets, 4 swings (two toddler swings) and a beautiful shaded table and seating area. There is also a great little area along the shore where the kids can have a splash, so make sure you take spare clothes!  There are also showers in the toilets.

Big square bench seat right near the shore is a lovely place to enjoy a snack or there is a shaded table and seated area right nearby. If you are here on sunset try viewing the sunset through these artworks

Take spare clothes and a towel - they will get wet! There are showers in the toilet block

Swings with toddler swings - one toddler swing faces the river and the other faces the other way. This is the only play equipment here

We visited the Swan Canning Riverpark as part of my Get Active August daily challenge. The walk across the bridge and jetty was beautiful and then I enjoyed a light jog on the shore while the kids splashed around.

This is great little place to a bit of exercise on the shore as there is a small little sandy cove that is surrounded by a fairly high wall so the kids can't really go anywhere.  The water is shallow and there are lots of little rocks and shells on the shore for them to explore.

The Swan Canning Riverpark is a great place for kids to run around and explore the river. Take a packed lunch and spend the day away here.  You could also fish of the jetty, ride along the river (this was a popular stop for lots of cyclists).  

There is a bike rack there, so if you have young kids you could park at the Mill Point Rd carpark (where they launch the jet boats and jet skis) and take a short ride to the Swan Canning Riverpark, have a play and an explore and head back again. Or even just riding your bike across the bridge is lots of fun! There is ramp access to and from the bridge.

Only downside of this place is the noise from the freeway, but the beautiful scenery helps you forget that the freeway is even there! 

What to bring: packed lunch, spare clothes & towels, fishing stuff, bikes/scooters

Safety Considerations: closely supervise young children on the jetty, there is a risk of a fall into the water.

How to Get There:

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Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren 18th August 2013

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