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Tao Cafe (located in Innaloo, Myaree, Victoria Park & Subiaco) is a great place to dine out with the kids if you are looking to enjoy affordable Japanese, Vietnamese & Thai food in a casual dining atmosphere. We dined at Tao Cafe Innaloo for this review.


For those that are sushi train first timers (as we were) you can sit facing the sushi train (pictured above) with bar style seating – and grab what you want straight off the sushi train as it comes past.  This is great if you want to dine in a hurry too, no need to wait for your order to be taken – just grab what you want, eat and pay on the way out. When eating from the susih train you are charged by the colour of the plate/s you have (below). If you have younger children there is seating away from the sushi train bar, as you can imagine taking multiple plates off the sushi train just for fun could be too much temptation for even for the best behaved toddler or preschooler!


We were dining with several youngsters, who were completely fascinated with the sushi train so we chose table seating away from the sushi train. The service was amazing, with so many kids they were so patient with taking our orders and brought everything we needed with plenty of plastic plates and cups for the kids.


We had just seen Kung Fu Panda 3 at Event Cinemas Innaloo (which is just around the corner from Tao Cafe Innaloo) so we couldn’t resist ordering the kids Kung Fu Fried Rice ($8.50). The kids menu also features mini rolls, kids sushi, chips, fish & chips and more.


Spring rolls are also a favourite with our older boy so he ordered these from the adults entree menu and was very happy with these ($8).


I was pretty full on popcorn from the movie so just had a Chicken Teriaki Roll ($7.50) and was not disappointed.


The Tao Chicken Noodle Soup ($14) ordered by my mother in law was a hit with the kids too. I’m not even sure she got to have any with all the kids wanting a try. It came out in a huge bowl and was enough for everyone to have a try. (Since this visit we have been again – this time we had the Pho Tai $14 & Pho Ga $15, do yourselves a favour and try these they are simply amazing and so big your will find it hard to finish it!)

Don’t worry sweet tooths, there is plenty for you too. The kids loved grabbing a jelly cup each off the sushi train and you can view all the yummy desserts at the front counter.  As for drinks you can enjoy a variety of soft drinks, teas, asian coffee, juices or you can order a fresh coconut to drink from.


Tao Cafe is casual, affordable dining at it’s best. It’s open daily for lunch and dinner and is perfect for families – the only thing we will say it is is pretty noisy with people coming and going and being popular with families.  We are sure however that most families will find this part of the attraction – as lets face it, quiet and dining with family are words that aren’t often found in the same sentence.

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