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The Art Space Collective Scarborough is an inspired community space for people to exhibit, discover, nurture  or expand their creative talents or inspirations.


Even if you think that you are not artistically or creatively inclined, with the diverse range of activities, events and classes available here we are sure you will find something to get involved in here that appeals to you.


Art takes many forms at The Art Space Collective Scarborough. While of course you can enjoy drawing and painting there is also music, macrame, cooking, screen printing, string art and most importantly time to chill and relax and take time out with others wanting to do this same thing.


The Art Space Collective team do an amazing job and keeping up with (and ahead of) artistic, home decorating and seasonal trends, sourcing talented artists to teach and facilitate classes to help you create a piece for your home that will have your guests asking “Where did you buy that?” to which you can answer, “I made it!”.


And The Art Space Collective is not just for the advanced artist. There is something for the beginner too and everything in between, including the kids.


There is an awesome range of classes to suit all kids from those that love to draw to those that love to build with their hands – a class at The Art Space Collective is not only a great way to give them time away from the smart devices or give them some down time from sport, but to help them build confidence, resilience and meet other kids in a warm, friendly and safe environment.  Read more about kids classes in our reviews below.


So whether you are looking for somwhere to nurture those creative talents, or possibly find the creative side you never knew you had – The Art Space Collective is the perfect place for you and it’s a great place to meet other people and join all the exciting happenings at this up and coming community space.

Make sure you join their mail out list to receive their newsletter packed with information about the exciting classes, events and activities coming up.  You can sign up and find more information about The Art Space Collecctive at .

How To Get There: 80a Scarborough Beach Rd, Scarborough.

Review by Kids Around Reporter Lauren, 5th October 2015

The Art Space Collective presents…

The String Art Co

The String Art Co regularly runs kids classes at The Art Space Collective, which  includes classes during the school holidays. Don’t worry adults you can have a go to with them now running string art classes for the grown ups too. Our review is of a school holildays String Art Co class. When we arrived I had a very shy and unsure 9 year old on my hands, but Susan (The String Art Co Master) soon got him sat down and starting on his project.

First step was to choose his design.  Susan encourages the kids to choose something that’s not too easy, but not too hard if it’s their first class.  Master 9 chose the Angry Birds King Pig design and once he had chosen couldn’t wait to get started. Susan set him up with his board and nails, got him kitted up with his safety glasses and with a few tips he was on his way, nailing all those nails in on the pattern marked on the board.


It was great to see lots of boys in the class, all the hammering and nailing is right down their alley – string art is perfect for both boys and girls.  This is great for their hand-eye co-ordination and concentration and it was great to see the confidence increase as they got quicker and better and hammering the nails on their pattern. Once all the nails are done, Susan does an overview of the key nail patterns they will used to identify sections of their design and shows them the colour pattern for their piece.  And then off comes the paper underneath ready to start with the fun part, adding the colourful string.


Master 9 found the weaving of the string difficult at first, with the string coming off the nails, but he persisted and worked out how use his fingers to secure the string and weave around the next nail, by the end he was doing this with ease and was up off his seat getting right into it. As he saw his creation taking form this motivated him to continue to completion.


There was some time to take a little break and enjoy a drink, biscuits and some fruit, then it was back into it.  Once all the stringing is done, the kids get a glue stick to secure all the tied ends, and a paint pen to paint the tips of the nails. Then all the ends are snipped and works are put up with all the other finished works to stand back and admire. By the end we had one very proud 9 year old, he couldn’t wait to take it home to show Dad.


We had Susan frame his piece (this is an extra $30) so he could hang his masterpiece in his bedroom.  He lay in bed admiring his work that night, saying that next time he would like to make a harder one, seeing as he is so good at it now – and has locked me down for a class next holidays.


A String Art Co class for kids is a great was to not only keep kids busy in the holidays or give them some down time from sport or their smart devices, it’s a great way to build their confidence and refine their hand-eye coordindation, develop their concentractions skills and spacial awareness.And they get to take home a piece that they can put up in their room or in the house to remind them what they can do when they persist and try their hardest.

Review by Kids Around Reporter Lauren, 5th October 2015

The Art of Resilience

The Art of Resilience uses art and craft to help develop strong and confident children in fun and creative classes. Our kids enjoyed “The Very Art Day” school holiday program in which they completed a series of different art activities all of which came together to make their few masterpieces to bring home.

The program definitely gives this kids the opportunity to get messy and use their imaginations. Fiona has over 13 years experience bringing out the best in children and helping them over come their frustrations and challenges through art and creativity.


Thorough out the day (9-3pm) the kids used a range of techniques and mediums to create their art work. Like using straws to blow the paint around to make different patterns.


Even marbles are turned into art fun as they are rolled around in the paint


This one was definitely a favourite with Master 5, making a sun with a paper plate and some coloured wool.  Great for developing hand eye coordination and coordination. And it finished with a length of string so it could be hung on the wall of his room when we got home.


And this was a favourite with the both the boys, creating a canvas that they could keep forever and hang in the their bedrooms.  They felt like quite the artists at the ends, both super proud of how their canvases turned out.


Also love how Fiona has re purposed store cards as paint scrapers. This is a great idea, instead of throwing them out pop them in your art box they worked perfectly to spread the paint evenly across their canvas.


And to wrap up the day the kids cut up their paintings from earlier in the day that had been drying so they could complete their drawing with a mosaic style fill. Nothing goes to waste either, Fiona collects all the unused bits to use in other art works.


There’s not much stopping in a class with The Art of Resilience.  They get a break for lunch and some morning tea, but Fiona keeps them busy pretty much the whole time so the day just flys by.  Keep an eye out for The Art of Resilience popping up at The Art Space Collective, they regularly run classes throughout the year and in the school holidays.

Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 4th November 2015

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