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The Beach House Balcatta

Play Centre * Cafe * Ride On Toys * Flying Fox * Trampoline * Inflatables * Baby / Toddler Play Areas * Baby Nursing & Change Room * High Chairs * Parties * <6m & Parents Enter Free * EFTPOS

The Beach House Balcatta, which relocated in early 2015 to a bigger premises, is one of Perth's most unique play centres.  There is no play structure like most play centres (although their website indicates this will be installed later in the year), but it is packed with amusement and backyard themed features, the kids won't want to leave.

You won't find a multilevel play structure here, but you will find heaps of other things that the kids will love, with the most popular this inflatable flying fox. This is just one of the many backyard/outdoor playground type features that you will find at The Beach House Balcatta. 

Climb net and rope for the little climbers

Swings and climbers for the younger ones and a toddler soft blocks area

Lots of inflatables to bounce, slide and kick a ball

In the middle of the play centre are all the ride on toys, go karts and amusement rides. We were handed a card for each child that gave them 5 rides included in their entry. This card is usually $5 for 5 rides. When school is back the card isn't required to ride as it's not as busy. We went in school holidays and were given the card as part of the entry, and this was to ensure that the wait times didn't get too long by limiting the number of rides kids can have during thier visit. My boys didn't quite use their 5 rides each, so it was plenty with all the other things to do.

We are not sure whether there are times you need to pay for the rides, possibly when it's extremely busy - but we think even $5 for 5 rides is pretty good anyway as the kids really enjoyed them. It's a good system to make sure everyone gets a go, we didn't wait for more than 5 mins. I'd rather pay $1 per ride than wait for 20mins+ at a time. 

Bumper Cars

There are also a couple of baby and toddler play areas that are packed with toys - and we love the underwater paintings on the walls throughout the centre.

We love that there are toilets in a few locations throughout the play centre so you don't have to walk from one side to the other to take the kids to the toilet. There is also a dedicated baby room where you can change baby or if you want some quiet to feed baby this is an option.

The Beach House has a great cafe with lots of cold and hot food and drink options and 4 great party rooms in Space, Under Water World, Treasure Island and Disco Themes.  See their website (link below) for party options 

We love the layout of The Beach House Balcatta. While it is big, it's one big open area with the fenced areas in the middle so you can look around the whole centre to keep an eye on your child.  We were also impressed with how much staff there were on the play centre floor, assisting children and making sure rides and play features where enjoyed by all. 

The Beach House Balcatta, is a cross between a mini amusement park and an oversized backyard - we thoroughly enjoyed our play there and will definitely be back again. It's not the neatest and tidiest play centre around but it does win the most unique award from us - it was a really different play centre experience for the kids and they were exhausted at home time. 

This is The Beach House's 2nd location in Balcatta if you weren't too impressed with the last location we recommend you give The Beach House Balcatta another look. 

What to bring: remember to bring socks, no socks no play. And parents need to wear socks in play areas too so bring some for yourself too.

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Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren - 14th July, 2015

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