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The Book of Life Movie Review

The Book of Love is a beautiful and vibrant film about love not just in life but in the after life too. We weren’t convinced we would enjoy this movie, from the shorts we were a little put off wondering how enjoyable a kids movie about a love triangle that was partly set in the afterlife on the “Day of the Dead” could be.  But this movie is far from boring, lovey dovey or morbid.

It’s a beautiful tale about a love triangle and entertains the thought that maybe life is just a pre-cursor to bigger and better things to come and is a lovely movie for those who may have lost someone close, reminding us that they are with us as long as they are remembered.

The beautiful and headstrong yet hopelessly romantic Maria (Zoe Zaldana), while obviously from the beginning is in love with childhood friend, Manolo (Diego Luna), is also drawn at times to the brawn, strength and arrogance of Joaquin (Channing Tatum) - also a childhood friend to Maria and Manolo.

But fate intervened many years before when a wager was made between the ruler of The Remembered and the ruler of the The Forgotten and a little manipulation by the ruler of The Forgotten sees the story play out, not as it was meant to be – and so the rules of the before and after life can be bent on this special day - “Day of the Dead” so that Manolo can rewrite the story the way it was meant to be.

He finds himself not only fighting for the love of his life but also to protect his town and he learns the importance of “playing from the heart” despite the strong instance from his family that he is to be a bull fighter and nothing else.  His resistance against family tradition is in the end what saves them all and wins the heart of his love and the respect of his best friend.

The Book of Love will capture your heart, mind and imagination – the story is told by Mary Beth (Christina Applegate) a museum guide, to a bunch of kids on an excursion. It cuts back and forth to the story teller and the children, who’s reactions to the story make for some hilarious laughs.

The story line is a little complicated so may be a bit lost on younger children but the music and colours will capture them non the less.

Kids Around Perth gives The Book of Life 8/10

Low level action & voilence * Some kissing * Lots of laughs * No coarse language 

Recommended for 2yrs +

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