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The Good Dinosaur Movie Review

The Good Dinosaur is a movie that is all about finding yourself, in your own way and in your own time and enjoying all the adventures along the way.  Arlo is the awkward youngest sibling in this lone dinosaur family. He struggles against his older brother and sister who seem to have easily found their lot in life. But when Arlo’s worried father tries to force Arlo to face his fears everything goes wrong – and he finds himself alone and needing to find his way home.

On his journey home Arlo finds himself a pet, a human pet in fact and they go on together to become good friends.  This is a very cute pairing and also provides for some very touching and tear jerking moments.

The Good Dinosaur is a lovely story however there are several scary scenes and many tear jerking moments which earn this movie it’s PG rating. Even the little short film before The Good Dinosaur starts is a little scary.

The movie is set in prehistoric times and is set in nature so there are a few animal eat animal scenes that may upset some kids – particularly the part where the boy rips the beetles head off suddenly, gross!

While the story line lends itself to younger children - be prepared to have them on your lap cuddling you for comfort or hiding their eyes for some of the movie. My older son enjoyed the action and the younger one liked the cute characters, particularly of the little boy, Arlo affectionately names Spot.

The story line is fairly slow and predictable and not terribly deep and meaningful, but it’s a nice movie with amazing animation that’s easy for young kids to follow. And of course it has a happy ending leaving you feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Kids Around Perth gives The Good Dinosaur 7/10

Some scary scenes * Some emotional scenes * Low Level Adult Themes (Drugs & Death) * Low Level Action * No Coarse Language * Recommended for 2yrs+

Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter 11th December, 2015

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