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The Great Bug Hunt

The Great Bug Hunt, features the dynamic duo of Squisher & Squasher, who are inquisitive and love all things to do with the garden.

* Tickets only $10 each * Recommended 1-8yrs 

First we meet Princess Charlotte who tells us how much she loves butterflies, and how sad she is that she has lost her golden butterfly hair clip.  She shows us her magnificent wings and gets all the children to show her their butterfly wings and sing along to a butterfly song.

Princess Charlotte showing us her beautiful butterfly wings

Little does she know that Squisher and Squasher have overheard her and think she has lost her golden butterfly, so they set out on a mission help her find it!

Along the way they encounter many garden creatures and bugs.  Using the Big Book of Bug Facts they learn about each of these bugs and teach the children a dance and song about these amazing bugs.  My son particularly loved the grasshopper dance.

But look out when they find a bee and realise from the Big Book of Bug Facts that bees STING! Squisher and Squasher run around madly trying to get rid of the bee, but little does Squasher know it is now stuck to his back!

When he does find out, he runs madly around the stage screaming frantically, then runs into the audience up the back the whole time screaming!  This was definitely the highlight of the show, the kids were all in stitches!

See what happens when Squasher finds out he has a bee stuck to his back!

During the story we also meet Gwendoline the Gnome, he leads the audience through a beautiful song.  Throughout the show Princess Charlotte and Squisher and Squasher keep missing each other, never quite crossing paths until the end - when they find the golden butterfly, but realise this isn't what she was in fact looking for! 

The Great Bug Hunt is a very interactive and funny show, with lots of asking questions of the kids in the audience, and there is quite a bit of room at the front of this intimate little theatre, and kids are invited to come to the front to do the dances.

Often I know parents worry about not being able to move around if their baby or young child is restless but there is plenty of room down the front if you want to get up from your seats during the show.

For the $10 price tag, this 50 min show is well worth it, the story and characters are very funny.  With Princess Charlotte, Gwendoline the Gnome, Squisher and Squasher and the little animal characters, The Great Bug Hunt appeals to both boys and girls.  We highly recommend you make sure you catch this show at Fringe World 2015

Make sure you hang around for about 10 mins and you might be lucky to get a meet and greet with some of the characters.

The Old Mill Theatre is located right next to The Perth Zoo, so you can make a day of it by catching the ferry to the show and heading to the Perth Zoo after the morning show (10am) or before the afternoon show (1pm).

There is also the beautiful Windsor Park behind the theatre so you could also enjoy a picnic lunch after the morning show or before the afternoon show! 

Next Appearance

Where: Fringe World at The Pleasure Garden Northbridge

When: Saturday February 21st & Sunday February 22nd, 2015

Cost: $10 bookings online at

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