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The House of Magic Review

The House of Magic is a good wholesome movie for younger kids with a familiar storyline and adorable characters your kids will fall in love with.

The House of Magic your fairly typical, greedy nephew takes advantage of old uncle and tries to take house from under him - while, his pet & magic character friends in this case, make it seem like the house is haunted to save the old uncle's house.

This movie doesn't feature big names and fancy characters created to sell merchandise, it simple casts a scruffy, but very cute, house cat, who Lawrence (the elderly uncle) names Thunder.  The story line is very simple and I think this is what kept the attention of my 4yo, he didn't move around quite as much as he normally does throughout movies.

It's definitely for the younger one's (under 5)  and there aren't really many jokes for the adults, it's just a no frills movie with a warm & fuzzy storyline.  Kids will laugh at the scenes where the greedy nephew Daniel gets what's coming too him - and they will love the animal characters with something for everyone with a cat, dog, rabbit, mouse and birds completing the cast, as well as some magical characters that come to life to help Lawrence save his house.

The elderly uncle Lawrence is also a very compelling and loveable character who has a special gift with magic and adores sharing his gift with the sick children in the local hospital - who in the end help him get back to save his house, after he was hurt in an accident and taken to hospital.

In saying it's best for under 5's, my 8 year old son quite enjoyed it, I think he also like the simplicity of this movie.

There are some great themes in the movie about friendships, bullying and never giving up.  There are some scary scenes when the animals and characters full some tricks to make the house seem haunted, but the worst of these scenes only goes for a minute or so.

The House of Magic 7/10!

* Recommended for under 5 yrs * younger children may get scared in some of the haunted house scenes * some action scenes * no love themes or scenes

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