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The Quiz Book For All The Family 

by Mandy Farabegoli from Travelling Australia with Kids

Seriously! If you are heading on a family road trip for the school holidays, don't worry about getting fuel, first make sure you have got yourselves a copy of "The Quiz Book For All The Family" by Perth Mum & founder of website Travelling Australia With Kids (AKA TAWK).

This genious quiz book is like no other you will find in that it has general trivia questions across a range of topic, with questions in each round for the whole family, including questions for kids from kindy/pre primary age. That's why Mandy wrote The Quiz Book For All The Family, because she couldn't find any quiz books that were suitable for the  whole family to join in and enjoy.

Each round consists of a series of questions. Each set of questions has question for Pre Primary, Young Child 1, Young Child 2, Older Child 1, Older Child 2, Teenager, Adults 1 & Adult 2 - so everyone in the family gets their own age appropriate question and each family member gets their own question to answer.

Here's an example of one set of questions

Pre Primary -  What do we use our lungs for?

Young Child 1 - What are dairy products made from?

Young Child 2 - True or false, the fastet land animal is the horse?

Older Child 1 - Nimbus and Cumulus are both types of what?

Teenager - If you study Meteorology, waht do you study?

Adults 1 - What is the study of fungi called? 

Adult 2 - What is the name of the tendon that connects the heel to the calf muscle?

Once everyone has answered their question, the designated Quiz Master turns the page and reads out the answers. If you have an older child who wants to score they can mark a point for each question right against each persons name on a score sheet.. To save arguements you can rotate the Quiz Master and scoring rolls around the car (except for the driver of course) each round.

There are 10 rounds with 960 questions in total - so this book will last you for a few 1-2hr trips.The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. We have used this book for a couple of trips to Margaret River and for a drive to Lancelin. The kids always ask when we are bringing the book out and we end up playing the game for most of the trip - with them always saying how much quicker the trip feels when we play.

The questions are such that the adults questions are quite a bit harder. Unless you have been studying for a place on The Chaser or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, you will likely find the adults questions quite challenging - which means of course that the kids are more likely to win, and we know how they love to win! 

It's a great way to enjoy some quality family time, or to bring out when the iPads and DVD players have lost their touch. Not only is it fun, it's amazing what you will learn. It's not only useful for road trips, it's handy to have in your handbag to pull out if you are waiting at the doctors, or hospital or if you are stuck in good old suburban traffic or perhaps even on the plane.

You can get yourself (or perhaps it might make a great present for friends or family heading out on holiday or hitting the road to travel) a hard copy for $24.95 or download an ebook for $9.95 from

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