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The Shack Shack

Milkshakes * Hot Shakes * Hot Dogs * Roasted Marshmallows * Carillon Arcade - Just a Short Walk from the Water Labyrinth Forrest Place * Open Daily (incl. late night trading Fridays) * Great Value Combos Available * Soy Lactose Free available (small additional fee)

The Shake Shack is the ultimate inner city milkshake experience, with real ingredients used to create the flavour you want from your milkshake without the use of syrup flavours. Best of all it's just a short stroll from the Water Labyrinth, in the Carillon Arcade, making it the perfect treat to top off some play time in the city.

The Shake Shack is a little bit like the Cold Rock of milkshakes. You can choose what ingredients you would like in your milkshake and the team then blend it together. Enjoy the euphoria as you sip on the combined flavour of a blend of your favourite chocolates, sweets, biscuits, fruits and cakes, mixed together with milk and icecream (soy and dairy free available for an extra $1) in a delicious, thick milkshake.

Popular ingredients include, but are not limited to, marshmallows, snickers, crunchie, tolberone, coco pops, jelly snakes, mentos, cheesecake, oreos, donuts and even fruits such as banana, strawberry, mango and pineapple (note: real fruit is used not fruit syrup flavours). Sprinkled on top you can have 100's & 1000's, mini marshmallows, popping candy, whipped cream, nuts, crushed cookies and more.  As you can see there are literally thousands of real ingredient combinations you can try. Oh and if you like your milkshake really thick you can pay a little bit extra for icecream.

You can choose to make your own and pay for the ingredients you want to add, or check out the Combo's. These are good value and will save you a little bit of money compared with the cost of having built the combo shake yourself. They start from $7.50.

Not sure what you want? Why not try The Shake Shack daily special. It was Toffee Apple Tim Tam when we visited. Yummo!

Not only do The Shake Shack do amazing milkshakes, they also do hot shakes in flavours such as chocolate, cappucino, mocha and caramel latte. They also do roasted marshmallows on a stick - these are sooooo good!

You can dine outside the shop but we loved taking our milkshakes with us to the Water Labyrinth, just a 30 sec stroll away in Forrest Place. The Water Labyrinth runs all year round (except for occassional days when events are on - see link to days it's not running in our Water Labyrinth review)

If you are heading into the city and you want to get the kids a treat (or yourself) you can't go past The Shake Shack in the Carillon Arcade. This is the perfect treat to top off your visit to the city or to treat the kids in the school holidays.

More information:

**Until Oct 31st, you can get a regular shake for just $5* (usually $6.50) with the Kids Around Perth App, find out more and find full deal conditions here**

How To Get There:

Want information and map to take you The Shack Shack while you are on the go?! Then get the Kids Around Perth App today and find it under Dining / City-Central.  

Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 3rd September 2016

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