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The Simulation Centre

* Indoor Golf with real clubs & a golf ball * International Golf Courses * Kids Golfing Games * 9D Cinema * Play Area * Cafe * Licensed Venue * Birthday Parties Available * Junior Golf Courses * Adults Golf Lessons * Open Daily

The Simulation Centre Bibra Lake, south of Perth, is great fun for the whole family and can be a serious or as not serious as you would like your visit to be! (Opens in new Bibra Lake location May 14th 2017).

The Simulation Centre was much more than I had expected.  The golf course games are so real, you can bring your own golf clubs and balls or use those supplied.  We were lucky to have The Simulation Centre host us and 4 other Kids Around Perth families for an hour of golf and dinner.  It was a fantastic night, all the kids aged from 2-10yrs thoroughly enjoyed it!

Justine from The Simulation Centre gave us a quick run down on how it all worked and the special features and then we started off by each family moving to a booth and playing a single player game, where each family member had a turn trying to get the ball down the fairway and into the hole! 

There were kids clubs also available for the little ones and they loved setting up the ball on the tee, having a hit, retrieving their ball and setting it up again.

Did you know that you can choose to play on any of the 18 international golf courses available?  And this is no fictional simulation the images have been taken from these famous golf courses and put together they recreate the courses exactly as they are in real life! So you can play in Banff Springs, Canada or Doral Blue Monster Miami, right here in Canning Vale Perth, much cheaper than paying out thousands for flights and accommodation to play these famous courses.

After playing a few holes the kids had a go at the Dog Kennel game, if you hit the ball into the kennel door a puppy comes out and does a dance!

The Dad's love the Castle Window Challenge too! This is the only place in Perth where you can break windows with a golf club and ball and no-one will call the police! 

The kids loved analysing Dad's shot after each turn.  A game of golf at The Simulation Centre is a great way to improve on your swing, with analysis available on the computer screen after each swing.   The staff are also available to provide advice and they loved helping the kids too - it was great to see the kids techniques improving towards the end of the night.

Kids of all ages will love The Simulation Centre And if they have had enough there is a great little play area so you can continue on with your game while they have a play.  If you have very young ones ask for the booth across from the play area when you book!

The Simultion Centre really is the perfect family day or night out, with a full cafe menu and a licensed bar, you and your family will love relaxing, enjoying a light meal while you have a quality game of golf together.

The menu includes a range of hot foods, including pizzas, sandwiches, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, tea & coffee and desserts.

Update: The Simulation Centre Canning Vale now also has a 9D Cinema with over 115 movies including wind, rain, snow, bubbles, and more. They have also added a sports simulators with 12 different sports from, golf, rugby, soccer, baseball, zombie dodgeball etc. There are racing car simulators for the older kids from 12 years and above.  They can drive an F1 or V8 on world class tracks.

Junior Starting New At Golf (SNAG) Classes

The Simulation Centre run a great Junior class called SNAG (Starting New At Golf).  SNAG is not just hitting golf balls on "the course", it's fun and creative and teaches kids about golf in a fun way.  Below is picture of an activity called "Putting Lines".  Kids learn to putt straight lines by covering their ball in paint and putting it across paper to make a rainbow.  Janelle, from The Simulation Centre says that this activity is one of the most popular and is the most effective for improving putting stroke.  Term classes are available by contacting The Simulation Centre.

Lil' Golfers Next Birthday Party

The Simulation Centre can also look after your child's next birthday party! With 1 & 1/2 hours of instruction, learning, fun & games using the SNAG (Starting New At Golf) equipment. Food and drinks are also provided with party packages. There are also golf simulator and Wii game parties available with food and drink included also.

The Simulation Centre is a great family outing idea, there is something for everyone in the family.  It makes a great gift for the budding little golfer, for Dad's birthday or Father's Day, or just for some quality family time. Gift Vouchers or lessons are available to purchase online

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Review updated by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 22nd October 2015

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