Tips On Moving House When You Have Kids

Moving house is one of the biggest mental and physical tasks you’ll ever encounter in your family. Constant stress for weeks and it’s not any easier when you’re moving with kids.

You will have a bunch of removalists on the day zooming inside and outside the house and having kids hanging around the corners cannot only be frustrating but also dangerous. So what can you do to keep your little ones busy in a safe and friendly environment while your move is in progress? Here are some tips that may help you out on the day.


For starters you will want your children to be in a safe environment as far away from removalists as possible. This couple below, for example, were scrutinous about the selection of their movers as they wanted to make sure their chosen removalists had experience with moving things with the whole family still at home. You should always call and ask to make sure before booking your removalists Perth.

If your kids are old enough to write, give them a few interesting tasks like to write a composition on the move. They can also write about their new home, describe their rooms or what they would like them to look like.

A Helping Hand

Why not ask your little ones to help out? There are plenty of tasks to do on the day and some may require a lot of time, but not so much effort. Like box labelling or crossing off a packing checklist while removalists work along - be creative and put some trust in them which will help you out in the future too! Just make sure they do not come in between a van and removalists to avoid any dangers.

If your kids are old enough to just  express themselves in writing, give them smaller boxes to label and mark. Once you have moved to your new house they can help sort small boxes to help work out what box goes to what room. That will surely come in handy, so you don’t need to reshuffle the whole house again.

Take Them For A Walk

If it happens that your kids are too young for any of the above and cannot help you or your removalists out , you will need to fill in some of their free time on the day. You could take them for a walk to your local favourite park and bring some games like a ball with you. If it happens that you can’t leave your house or removalists alone on the day, make sure you have this planned weeks in advance as you may need to ask friends or neighbours to look after your kids for a few hours.

On The Day

When the big day comes around and it’s time to travel to your new home, use the time to distract your kids from the stress and concerns they have about the move by doing some of the following:

  • Questions: Keep their minds fascinated and busy with details about a new house and their rooms. This way you can manage their expectations and stress levels. Don’t forget to let them ask you questions too!
  • Games: Bring some of their favourite games to play in the car to distract them from the stress of the move
  • Movies and Books: You can always read their favourite books and stories and maybe even get them to sleep. If they’re old enough - encourage them to do that on their own. Load a few funny movies into your tablet computer too just in case books don’t help.

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