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Top 5 Suburbs for a Magical Night of Christmas Lights

Here is our list of the top suburbs for a magical night of Christmas Lights 2015. There are so many wonderful Christmas lights displays in Perth, many raising money for great causes too.

But if you are looking to spend a night out with your family, here are our top picks for suburbs to visit that have Christmas lights displays that are best seen by parking the car and wandering (or taking a boat tour) through the beautiful displays - so that you can spend the night out and enjoy a magical night of Christmas lights as a family.

22kms South of Perth 


Atwell is located south of Perth and features several streets in close proximity with many houses in the street participating in Christmas Lights displays and Christmas Fundraising Events.

Kanji Loop

This large street is perfect for parking up the car and wandering through.  There is easy parking at the reserve on Callistemon Approach.  A large number of houses are beautifully decorated and they have a PMH Fundraiser Event each year.  There are several PMH fundraiser tins throughout the street so take your spare change along and give generously. 

Kennack Vista

Just a very short drive from Kanji Loop is Kennack Vista.  A large number of houses also participate in Christmas Lights displays in this cul de sac.  It's a nice quiet street, so you can park your on Woolhead Way, and walk up through the cul de sac and further down the rest of Kennack Vista also.

There are some great Christmas characters in the displays that kids will love getting up close to check out.   This is also a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer - so take your change along and give generously. 

Connolly Mews

After going around the cul de sac end of Kennack Vista, keep walking towards the other end and the street turns into Connolly Mews.  There are less houses decorated down this end, but there is one at the end of Connolly Mews that puts on a fantastic display. Look for the gianormous Santa and Candy Cane.

They also have some great interactive features like a little cubby house little ones can enter and have a look inside.  The Connolly Mews display collects for Fight Alzheimers Save Australia (TBC) so save some spare change to donate to this worthy cause also.

Kanji Loop 

Kennack Vista

Connolly Mews

Find more information on the Atwell Christmas Lights here


22kms North of Perth

Padbury is another fantastic suburb to see many different Christmas Lights displays. There are a many streets that participate but here are a couple of the bigger ones - and the suburb also hosts on of the biggest and best free Perth Christmas events.

Lights in the Heights

From December 12th-23rd you can enjoy the magical Lights in the Heights.  This amazing free event is on nightly between these dates from 7-9pm.  You can enjoy a lights display and heaps of kids and family activities and Christmas displays

Favenc Way

4 houses in this street beautifully decorated, hope out of the car and wander through for a seat in Santas sleigh. Fundraising for Leukaemia Research

Find more information on the Padbury Christmas Lights here


28kms North of Perth

Prairie Dunes Place

Park the car a street or two away and allow 30-45mins to walk through this delightful cul de sac, where most the houses light up to raise money for The Association for the Bind in WA. Take some change along the kids will love putting it in the plastic guide dog shaped money boxes.  Great community feel in this street, but don't try to drive through it, you may get stuck in traffic for a long while.

Check the facebook page regularly as the guide dogs pay the street a special visit before Christmas and you may just get to meet them on your visit.

Prairie Dunes Connolly

Find more information on the Connolly Christmas Lights here


70kms South of Perth

It doesn't get more magical than cruising the canals of Mandurah on a warm, balmy night to check out the amazing Christmas Lights displays. You'll need to book with Mandurah Cruises to enjoy this experience - but don't delay these cruises sell out fast! 

1 hour cruises depart nightly from December 1st through to mid January. 2 hour cruises available on selected nights.

Image Credit: Mandurah Cruises

Find out more and book a Mandurah Christmas Canal Lights tour here 


35kms North of Perth

Carramar, just north of Wanneroo is a fantastic suburb to visit to see many Christmas lights displays and to join in Fundraising Events.

Myamba Court

Features several fundraising events this year with lots of character visits no doubt scheduled as per tradition - not to mention beautiful Christmas lights displays from the houses of Myamba Court.

Millendon Street

Tune in to hear and see these lights dance to the music.  There is also a fundraising event being held at these Christmas Lights too.

Myamba Court

Millendon Street

Find out more on the Carramar Christmas Lights here 

Of course there are lots of other wonderful displays in Perth, many of which raise money for worthy causes so check out our full list of Christmas Lights here

Want information and maps to take you to Perth Christmas Lights and Fundraising Event Nights while you are on the go? Get the Kids Around Perth App Today!

See our 7 News Christmas Lights Story November 19th, 2014 here 

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