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Trigg Beach

* Snorkeling * Showers * Toilets * Playground close by with BBQ's * Disabled/Pram Access Ramp * Great snorkelling

Trigg Beach is another one of Perth's great beaches, located approximately 14km from Perth.  It's a beautiful, safe beach for families and a great spot for the young ones to do some snorkeling.

Trigg Beach is perfect for families for lots of reasons.  The car park is located right near the beach so its only a short walk from the car park to the beach - which is great for hauling all those boogie boards, sand toys, shade and more to the beach! Make sure you park in the car park a bit further north of the Kailis Trigg - just past the shower block.

Right in front of the car park is a ramp to access the beach.  This is great for disabled access or if you want to take the pram right onto the beach.

Trigg Beach is well protected by the reef that completely surrounds this area of the beach - so there are usually only very small waves.  The best area is the far northern side for little ones as this is most protected by the reef.  If its some waves you want the southern side is better.

There is lots of reef, but the reef is smooth, and there are breaks in the reef where you can enjoy a paddle.   The reef is great for little ones learning to snorkel, there are small little gaps in the reef where you can see lots of fish swimming about.  It's nice and shallow, but just deep enough to swim over the reef.

The beach itself is mostly rock free and nice and sandy - it is a very narrow beach though, but this makes it easy to access with a pram and nice and close to the car park if you need to head back to the car for supplies. The beach area is great for using the skim disk up and down the water's edge, or for getting out the sand toys and building a sand castle

Just a word of warning though - this area can get rough if the tide is high and the swell is high, as the water comes in faster over the reef and it can be a little unsafe for the little ones with all the reef around - so check the tides and swell before you go.

Another great thing about this beach is the toilets, changerooms and showers are located near the carpark - its always nice to have a shower and wash off all the sand and salt before getting back in the car.  My kids always love this part too - it's a great way to get them away from the beach - a promise of a play in the shower! They love it! 

You also might want to bring the bikes along as the beautiful West Coast Drive cycle way runs right past this beach, so you could go for a ride then come back for a refreshing swim.  

Also the Clarko Reserve Playground is located just near the carpark, so you could stay for a picnic, bbq and/or play at the playground.and then head back to the beach.

If it's coffee you are after just a few minutes stroll away is Yelo to the north, Kailis Trigg and Canteen Trigg to the south - just walk along the cycle path you can't miss them.

What to bring - sand toys, boogie boards/skim disk, shadehats & sunscreen | Bikes if you want to go for a ride on the West Coast Drive cycle way that extends many kms north and south of this area | BBQ or picnic to enjoy at Clarko Reserve, right near the beach area | Snorkeling gear, or if they are a bit young to wear snorkeling gear they will get just as much enjoyment using just swim goggles

How To Get There - Trigg Place, Trigg

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Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, December 31st 2012

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