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Valentines With Kids

Valentines with kids can be fun too - it's not just all about loved up couples getting all gooey eyed at each other and doing romantic stuff together -  Valentine’s Day is great opportunity families to make an extra special effort to show each other how much they love one another!

Whether your kids are at school or at home there is something special you can do on the day that is fun to celebrate the love you have as a family.

There are lots of things you can do ranging from a surprise in their lunchbox to a special after school Valentines Day outing or dinner! 

Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday – so you may need to head out early so kids are not up to late for school the next day so here are a few ideas, including some ideas for places you can go to early in the afternoon – we hope they give  you some ideas for some special things to do – to make this Valentines with kids special.

Places To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Kids In Perth

  • Night Mini Golf – head to the Botanical Golf Wanneroo and play a round of mini golf then enjoy a meal at Leapfrogs Café, last tee off is 8pm 
  • Take dinner outside and have a picnic  - let the kids pick their favourite meal or go to your local park and have a picnic or a bbq.  Enjoy some quality time while the kids have a play and wear themselves out, and then maybe you can get them into bed early! (wink, wink!)
  • Watch the lights come on in the city from Kings Park – grab yourselves a cappuccino and a milkshake for the kids from Muzz Buzz or Hungry Jacks Subiaco (cnr Dennis & Hay St) on the way take a picnic blanket and watch the sunset and city light up from the heights of Kings Park.  Hopefully Mum & Dad can get in a little cuddle in while the kids have a run around.
  • Walk along the beach, draw love hearts and write each others names in the sand.   Hillarys Boat Harbour, Cottesloe Beach and Bathers Beach Fremantle are great beaches for a family stroll. Take the camera and get some beautiful family photos as the sun sets
  • Go Bowling -  AMF - 2 games and a pizza for $30!  You must book online however

Fun Valentine's Day With Kids Ideas

Here are some little ideas to make Valentines with kids special all day long! From the moment they wake until they go to bed you can do a few fun little things to remind them just home much you love them! 

  • Leave little love notes all over the place so they find them while they are getting ready for school eg put one in their sock drawer, one on their toothbrush etc
  • Put a love note in their lunch box and make a special Valentine’s Day Themed lunch - here are a few lunchbox ideas (which are also great to use for a surprise all year round) -


Put some little notes in their lunchboxes! Imagine how surprised and special they will feel when they open their lunchbox! You could put one in Dad's lunchbox too!

You can print them for free here! 

image credit:


image credit:

Make little faces on their lunches this is so easy to do! Remember kids eat with their eyes first so this is a great way to get them excited about eating their lunch.

It's very easy all you need are a few packets of stickers and a texter! 


Make them this cute little butterfly snack - really easy to do and cute one to do all year long! 

You can find instructions on how to make this here!

image credit:


The kids will love this heart shaped egg in their lunchbox.

It's really easy to do you can find the instructions here.  

Also great for that special Valetine's Day dinner! 

image credit: Life is a Gag. Make It Fun

Whatever you and your family decide to do this Valentine's Day we hope that your Valentines with kids is super fun and super special.  

It's a great way for families to make a special effort to take some quality time out together and for parents and siblings to show each other how much they love one another.

We'd love to hear about your Valentine's Day - or any ideas you have for Valentines with kids below! 

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