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Village at Wellard Playground

Playground * Skate Park * BMX Track * Trampolines * Tall Tower Slide * Picnic Seating * BBQs * No Toilets

The Village at Wellard Playground is a great little suburban playground with a bmx track and skate park right alongside the playground, making this a great playground for kids of all ages.

Ropes play is a dominant feature at this park with several ropes challenges including nets and balancing ropes.

There is also a fantastic climbing dome that has sensory play features around the bottom of it..

Set of three swings and small slide for the little ones.

Another cool feature of this playground is the in ground trampolines

A later addition to the park is a larger slide (7+metres tall) that features a jungle climb to the slide entry, or you can climb another couple of levels up to the top of the tower.

Right alongside the playground is a small bmx track and skate track.

The Village at Wellard Playground makes a great place to meet with friends or to enjoy an evening play, skate and ride. There is a bbq and some picnic tables, but no toilets unfortunately.

How To Get There: This playground is not currently on google maps but this google earth map references you to the corner of Lambeth Circle and Corton Approach. If you head west on the road directly across from Corton Approach (Bellingham Parade) you can see a small area of bushland on the bend. This is where the park is.

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Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 30th August 2016

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