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Waldecks (Blue Lotus) Cafe Stirling

* Cafe * Toilets * High Chairs * Kids Meals * Kids Colouring In & Books * Fish Pond * Baby Change Table * Indoor & Outdoor Dining * Fully Fenced Kids Play Area * Dogs Friendly * Open Daily 

The Waldecks Cafe Stirling will no doubt surprise you! It has beautiful indoor and outdoor dining, as well as a fully fenced play area that younger children will love.

I was pleseantly surprised by this cafe, I didn't expect too much thinking it would just be a small little cafe within the nursery, but Blue Lotus Cafe within the Waldecks in Stirling, is everything you would expect in the finest cafe.

There is lots of room inside and outside and you can choose from lounge dining settings or traditional table and chairs dining settings.  There is plenty of room for prams so it makes a great place to catch up with other Mums.  The decor is beautiful with lots of chalk boards with uplifting sayings, and you can also purchase some unique produce such as jams, pastas, rice and pasta sauces.

They have a great range of light meals and drinks on the menu and they have a kids menu too.  My son ordered the mini lamb burger, but unfortunately he is a bit fussy and it came out more like a lamb sandwich.  The lamb had quite an Indian flavour so he didn't enjoy it, but some of the other items on the kids menu he probably would have enjoyed more.  But for $7.50 the size and quality is great value! 

It's a great place to bring the grandparents, we took my boys grandparents along today and they loved it! Dad enjoyed a Devonshire Tea & scones and they loved wandering around the beautiful grounds of the nursery in particular the water features.

Inside there is also a great range of books and colouring in for the kids

The outside dining area is beautiful, it's partly covered so you can dine outside even if there is a bit of rain, but there are also these great lounges alongside the pond, that has lots of coy in it.  There are umbrella's that can be put up to block out the sun. There is lots of room to move and round around out here, and of course there is the fully fenced playground with cubby house, chalkboard and a few other toys for the little ones.

My 7yo wasn't too excited about the play area, it's more for the toddlers & preschoolers, but he loved the pond with the fish in it.

And if you are looking for somewhere to dine with the family dog, they are welcome in the outside dining area outside the alfresco area - there's a bowl of water waiting there for him now! 

So no matter what the weather, Waldecks Blue Lotus Cafe ticks all the boxes with great food, great atmosphere and decor, kids meals, play area and colouring in inside - check it out we are sure you'll be surprised too! 

Safety Considerations

While the play area is fully fenced both my boys managed to squeeze out through a gap between the wall and the fence.  There is a water feature (fish pond) in the outdoor dining area, an although it has wire rope to deter falls into the water, children need to be closely supervised in this area.

Opening Hours

Open Daily - Sept-Apr 8.30-5.30pm & May-Aug 9-5pm.  Check opening hours and more information on the Waldecks website here

How to Get There: Cnr Karrinyup Rd & Hamilton Street

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