Walk Then Play Parks 

Get active as a family and enjoy these beautiful Perth walks with awesome playgrounds nearby. Next time your friend calls and asks to meet for coffee, swap it! And take in one of these beautiful walks followed by a play at the playground instead! 

Some of these walks also have exercise stations as you walk around. You can even continue your workout at the playground, why not do a few tricep dips on the park bench or chin ups on the monkey bars! These parks all have three things in common:

  • a concrete, bitumised or compacted walking path suitable for prams, bikes, scooters etc
  • a beautiful lake to walk around (<3km) and; 
  • a great playground

Centenary Park Belmont

Nice short 1.1km walk around the lake with two playgrounds and exercise stations located all the way around.

Jackadder Lake & Playground

Jackadder Lake and Playground

Jackadder Lake is so picturesque with lots of ducks and other birdlife to see on the lake.  Its a popular place for exercisers with lots of beautiful shady grassed areas, and also exercise stations all the 1.2km round walk path.

Manning Park Hamilton Hill

Enjoy a nice walk around Manning Lake (~1.5kms) and then have a play at the big Manning Park Playground. 

Neil MacDougall Park Como

Enjoy a short walk (<1km) or take in a few laps around the lake and a workout at the exercise stations before enjoying a play at Neil MacDougall Playground.

Hyde Park and Water Playground

The full walk is about 2km around or cut through the middle of the lake to cut your walk a little shorter. There are exercise stations throughout the park, and a choice of two playgrounds and a water playground.

Dinosaur Park Kingsway

Enjoy a short walk around the lake (~500m) and a play at the new Kingsway Sporting Complex playground.

Tomato Lake Kewdale

Enjoy a walk around the stunning Tomato Lake, walk out to the short jetty and stand under the gazebo and watch all the bird life. Two playground, an big outdoor gym rig and exercise stations found around the lake too.

Mawson Park Hillarys

Enjoy a short walk around the lake (~500m) on one side is this big traditional playground and on the other side is a new nature based playground.  Good footpaths all the way around for walking, riding bikes or scooters. More info and map in review below

Lake Claremont

Lake Claremont is half shared path and half compacted limestone path around the lake and is suitable for bikes, prams & scooters. Lake Espresso Cafe not far from the playground in the Lake Claremont Golf Course (open daily closes around lunch time) for a coffee & a muffin.

Warradale Park Landsdale

Choose from 3 different play areas including a nature based play area. The play areas are located away from the lake area, but you can wander over and enjoy a round walk lake on the shared path.

Broadbeach Park Hillarys

Take a walk or ride around the lake (~500-600m) then enjoy a play at this great new boat shaped playground with awesome single cable flying fox. No toilets here though, but lovely picnic shelters and bbqs. 

Broadview Park Landsale

Short lake walk on a shared path and small playground behind the Landsdale Shopping Centre.

Brampton Park Butler

Big man made lake with beautiful walk the whole way around. Great little playground alongside the lake and a Dome cafe nearby.

HMAS Warramunga Park Rockingham

Beautiful round lake walk with huge playground with multiple play sections - close to the Rockingham Shopping Centre. MAP

Subiaco Common Play Space

Short round the lake walk and lots of pathways to explore this park with a pram and scooter/small bike, plus a nice little shady playground.

Frasers Landing Mandurah

Enjoy a short walk around the beautiful lake, with colourful educational plaques all the way round so you can learn about the local flora and fauna, followed by a play at the small but tall playground.

If you know of another great short lake walk with a playground nearby please contact us... and don't forget to share this page with friends so you can organise your next Walk Then Play date. Happy walking (and playing)! 

Posted by Lauren March 3rd, 2014. Updated 13th July 2019

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