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Walshaw Park Aveley

Playground * Trampolines * No Toilets * No BBQs * Seating * Picnic Shelter * Walk / Ride Paths * Footy Goals & Small Oval

Walshaw Park Aveley (ok we don't really know if it's called that as it doesn't seem to have an allocated name yet so that's what we are calling it) is a fun suburban park located in a new section of Aveley that features not one, not two, not three but 11 in ground trampolines!

It's a fairly small playground with minimal play features. It includes a birds nest swing, spinning disk, small bouncing seat and a talk tube, in addition to the 11 in ground trampolines.

If your kids love trampolines and the parks with only a couple leave your kids fighting over them you will love this park. Unless you have 12 kids there are enough trampolines for everyone.

There is a large grassed area with footy goals, a picnic gazebo, seating and some walkways around the park, so it's a nice park for a jump, play and a picnic.

How to Get There:

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Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Amber, 24th May 2016

Amber Hope - Kids Around Perth North of the River Reporter / Mum of 4 kids

Amber is a single Mum to 3 kids (2 boys and a girl), and a foster Mum to one boy. She has lived in Perth all of her life and loves exploring all the new things to do with the kids in Perth, especially the free and cheap things to do of which Perth has so much to offer.

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