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What's New This July School Holidays?

Perth has so many new things to do and places to go since the last school holidays. We've also seen a few of our favourite playgrounds get an upgrade and they have reopened just in time for the school holidays. There are a couple of fantastic new playgrounds being constructed as we speak that we hope will be ready for next school holidays so we will let you know about those also..

#1 Mills Park Beckenham

The sheer size of the community space will surprise you. With something for everyone to enjoy from nature based playground and beautiful nature walks to state of the art sporting facilities Mills Park Beckenham is a great place for the whole family to experience and opened in late May 2016.

#2 Kinkuna Adventure Park Allara Estate Eglinton

This big adventure playground is worth the drive to Perth's far northern suburbs. It features a series of wooden forts, slides, swings, rock climbing wall, multi sports court, climbing frame, exercise equipment, in ground trampolines and lots more. Kinkuna Adventure Park opened in May 2016.

#3 Hillarys Boat Harbour Playground

Not a new park but it has recently just reopened in May 2016 after a brief closure to be completely replaced. The new playground is fairly similar to the old one just a little brighter and has a more distinct ocean theme.  Find out more about Hillarys Boat Harbour here.

#4 Shepherds Bush Reserve Park Kingsley

The northern suburbs latest race track themed playground set the internet on fire when the first pics came out. Scooters, small bikes and helmets are a must if you visit this park - while there is some traditional play the kids are bound to spend most of the time racing each other around the track and filling up with fuel at the filling station. Shepherds Bush Reserve Park opened in June 2016.

#5 Woodbridge Riverside Park

Another one of our favourite parks that has been closed until late June for some upgrade works. Woodbridge Riverside Park recently reopened just in time for the school holidays. We haven't got any pics yet but there is now shade over the wooden pirate ship pictured and more play equipment added. We will definitely be visiting this one to update our review this school holidays.

# 6 Whiteman Park

The shady playground located at The Village in Whiteman Park has also received a complete make over and reopened mid June. The lay out is fairly similar with a range of different play structures and sections, with something for all ages - but with a new fresher, brighter feel.

Some other park updates you may be interested in -

Pioneer Park (soon to be Bibra Lake Regional Playground) - construction is well underway so the big playground here has been removed (the fully fenced playground further along Progress Drive is still in place). The new Bibra Lake Regional Playground will feature rocks that tell stories, giant bulrushes that squirt water, tree top walk, cargo tunnels and more. It's expected to open October 2016.

Kwinana Adventure Playground - construction of this playground is also well underway and is expected to be completed late 2016. This massive playground will feature, splash pad, music, educational play elements, and lots more nature and adventure based play.

Scarborough Foreshore - the playground on The Esplanade has been removed for the Scarborough Foreshore Redevelopment

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