Why You Should Consider Yoga For Your Child

Why You Should Consider Yoga For Your Child. There's a growing realisation on the benefits of yoga for children.

Why You Should Consider Yoga For Your Child. Adultshave long understood the positive impact of yoga and now there’s a growing realisationthat it’s just as beneficial for children.

Thishas led to more and more schools and childcare centres around the worldembracing yoga as a regular fixture on their timetables because of the role itcan play in maintaining healthy bodies and minds.


Table of Contents 1. The Physical Benefits of Yoga 2. The Cognitive Benefits of Yoga 3. The Emotional Benefits of Yoga 4. The Social Benefits of Yoga

For example, an article published on the Harvard Health Blog* reported on a national survey which found that three per cent of children (1.7 million of them) did yoga in 2012 which represented an increase of 400,000 over 2008.  Studies also suggest that yoga can have a positive impact on children with behavioural issues and special challenges like ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Children’s yoga is also gaining popularity in Australia as parents and educators realise its significant therapeutic and health benefits.  It’s a real leveller and is non-competitive which means children of all ages, stages and abilities can participate on an equal footing in an activity that nurtures their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

So if you haven’t yet introduced your child to yoga, here are some compelling reasons why it’s a good time to start!

Why You Should Consider Yoga For Your Child

The Physical Benefits of Yoga

Yoga strengthens growing bodies and can improve a child’s muscle tone, joint flexibility, co-ordination and balance.  It helps build fitness and core strength which is important for good posture and can play an important part in reducing the likelihood of injury as the child goes through life.

The mind/body awareness that yoga brings also helps children become more comfortable in their own bodies and as a result, they’ll be more prepared for the physical changes which take place as they develop.

Yoga is also a stress reliever, which has the positive knock-on effect of boosting the immune system and stimulating the all-important lymph system to fight off any nasty bacteria and viruses.  Dee breathing techniques can also help increase a child’s lung capacity and will bring more oxygen around their bodies.

Many yoga poses can be made child-friendly with fun and relatable descriptions like ‘flying bird pose’ (Warrior III) and while the child is holding some of these positions, they will actually be stimulating their gut and improving their digestive process. One of the great reasons Why You Should Consider Yoga For Your Child.

The Cognitive Benefits of Yoga

Research has also shown that the mindfulness which comes with a yoga practice can improve memory, concentration and learning, which ultimately paves the way for improved academic performance.

The Emotional Benefits of Yoga

The peaceful and relaxing practice of yoga gives a child a chance to put some distance between themselves and their busy world.  It teaches them to unplug and be in the present moment and it provides a crucial opportunity for them to reset and regulate their emotions.

As every parent and educator knows, self esteem is one of the most important drivers for emotional health – and yoga is a great mood-lifter.  It can boost a child’s positive sense of self and their confidence.

Children learn to incorporate breathing and relaxation techniques through yoga and this can be hugely beneficial in helping them deal with anxiety and stress.   Yoga isn’t a magic wand that’ll take away negative emotions like fear, anger or stress, but it does empower the child to address and process their feelings in a healthy, positive way.

The Social Benefits of Yoga

Aschildren become more self-aware through yoga, they become more aware ofothers.  Their social skills improve andtheir social connection is better.

Yoga alsoinspires children to be kinder and more patient.  They’re likely to be more empathetic, moreunderstanding and more tolerant of others and all of these qualities will helpset a child up for better social inclusion and participation.

The WellnessProgramme at our Treasured Tots child care centres in Fremantle, Bibra Lake andMandurah focuses on the three key pillars of Resilience, Wellbeing andAwareness and aims to provide children with opportunities to learn aboutthemselves and others.

It hasbeen carefully developed by our highly experienced educators to incorporate interactiveexperiences which are designed to lead to optimal individual wellness from aphysical, emotional and mental health perspective…and yes, you guessed it,yoga is on the menu! Just another reason Why You Should Consider Yoga For Your Child.

How to search a nearby yoga classes for my kid?

Finding the perfect yoga class for your little one can feel overwhelming. With so many options, it can be hard to figure out which is the best fit. Fortunately, discovering nearby classes doesn’t have to be a challenge!

Start by reaching out to your local community centre or nearby mommy-and-me groups. These organisations often have great resources for discovering kids yoga classes in your area.

Additionally, you can use social media platforms and search sites to find a program that suits your needs. Finally, don’t forget to ask friends and family – sometimes word-of-mouth recommendations can be the most helpful when it comes to finding the right fit for young yogis!

Check out our FaceBook page to see pics of our little ones in their favourite yoga poses and we also welcome you to visit one of our Treasured Tots child care centres in Mandurah, Fremantle or Bibra Lake to experience our unique approach to mindful learning.

* https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/more-than-just-a-game-yoga-for-school-age-children-201601299055

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