Jackadder Lake Reserve Woodlands 

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Jackadder Lake Reserve is a great park for families, located in Woodlands only 8km north of Perth city. It features a beautiful lake walk, large  playground and is a little piece of hidden suburban paradise.

This is a great place if you want to take in a leisurely walk before giving the kids a bit of play time. One lap around the lake only takes about 15-20mins, and what a beautiful picturesque walk it is too. With a wide, well shaded footpath that winds all the way around the lake you can take in the views of the beautiful lake and check out all the bird life as you walk around. The kids will love riding their bikes or scooters around so make sure you bring them along.

There are also exercise stations positioned at four locations around the lake, obviously not designed for kids, but as you can see it was hard to keep my boy off them, so just make sure you watch the kids closely if they want to have a go!

Ok, so you finished a couple of laps of the lake, time to fulfill your end of the bargain and let them have a play! What I love about this Perth playground is that it is suitable for all ages. In the main large playground there is a wide ramp that goes up through the playground making it easier to follow the littler ones. It's a large playground with plenty to keep the bigger one's busy. It is well shaded (with additional sun shades in place in summer) and is part surfaced with soft fall rubber and the other part with sand.

Right along side the main playground is a little playground suitable for the 6-24 month age group. There is also a couple of swings sets next to the main playground, that includes a toddler swing. I love this park because having two boys with a big age gap there is something for both of them there. There are always lots of ducks and birds to see.

You may also be lucky enough to see some remote control boats on the west side of Jackadder Lake.  A remote control boating group meet here Saturday mornings and Thursday afternoons.

Jackadder Lake Reserve in Woodlands has a huge undercover area with ables and chairs, and a power outlet. So it's a great location to hold a family gathering or birthday party in winter.  We held our sons 4th birthday party here!  It was in May. We were lucky to have a beautiful sunny day - but it was nice to know we had lots of shelter if it did rain.

There are bbq and toilet facilities (full disabled access to toilets available) provided alongside the undercover area which is only about 20 metres from the main playground. There is a water fountain located between the playground and the undercover area.

This is a popular party and family get together location so if you would like to make use of the undercover area for a special occasion you may need to contact the City of Stirling to enquire about applying for reserve use.

Safety Considerations
The playground is located within about 10-15m of the lake's edge so make sure that you use brakes on prams and that you closely supervise young children to ensure they do not go near the water unsupervised. The park is well shaded but make sure you still bring along the hat, sunscreen and other sun protection.

What to bring?
There is plenty of sand so bring the sand pit toys along. This park can get busy so bring a picnic rug, so you can pull up a spot under one of the big shady trees and of course make sure you bring a ball there is lots of grassed are for a game of soccer or football.

How to get there
Jackadder Lake Reserve Woodlands is located on the corner of Jackadder Avenue and Rosewood Ave Woodlands.

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Posted by Lauren, 11th January 2012

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