Zoorassic Park Dinosaurs at Perth Zoo

Zoorassic Park Dinosaurs at Perth Zoo have returned to Perth Zoo (September 15th 2018 - January 20th 2019). This truly incredible robotics display of life size dinosaurs combined with hands on dinosaur activities, and dinosaur talks is not to be missed - especially because it is all included FREE in your entry fee (gold coin requested for interactive zone). This year also features Prehistoric Megafauna as part of the exhibition also, so there has been no better time to visit our Perth Zoo.

Note: This review is from the previous Zoorasic Park exhibition in 2016 we will update our review shortly but the exhibition is expected to be very similar

When you arrive you are given a map to show where you can find all the dinosaurs - have a pen in your bag and get the kids to tick off the checksheet on the map. You don't have to wander far before you see your first dinosaur, the Baryonx.

If you wander towards the cafe you will come across the humungous Spinosaurus.  He is located on the grassed area, so kids will love having him watch over them and running around him while you enjoy something from the cafe.

Out in the main lawn area is popular TRex and his family.  From little baby dinosaurs just hatching from their eggs right up to a life size roaring TRe, which is 14meters long and six meters tall - this was our favourite of all the dinosaurs and can be enjoyed while you picnic on the lawn.

Alongside TRex is the fun PlayLeoZone. It's a gold coin donation to enter but kids can enjoy -  digging through the sand pits for fossils, making dinosaur pictures using stencils, big dinosaur puzzles and touch a large dinosaur fossil.

Just across from the playground. it the biggest dinosaur of them all Argentinousaurus and it is the largest dinosaur ever to be displayed in the Southern Hemisphere.  

The majority of the other dinosaurs are located in the Rainforest Retreat area.  Make sure you look closely in this area there are 3 hidden dinosaurs. If you don't look closley you will miss them, so take your time through this area - oh and don't forget to look up too so you don't miss the Pteranadon.

In the rainforest retreat you will also find an Australian dinosaur the Muttaburrasaurus

If you time it right you can enjoy a Dinosaur Talk at 11am near the Tyrannosaurus (cafe area) And if that's not enough dinosaur for you, you can book a Dino Eye to Eye Experience Weekends and School Holidays.

Don't miss the Zoorassic Summer Sundowners on the first three Fridays in January 2019! Hangout with the gigantic creatures of Zoorassic Park and say hello to all the Zoo residents you know and love.

There’s a pop up Bar-asaurus on the Main Lawn for a cheeky drink, plus you can chill out and enjoy some live acoustic tunes from 5pm. You might even hear some interludes from a choir of lemurs or a solo from one of the lions.

Perth Zoo is open til 7pm for the Zoorassic Summer Sundowner sessions. Find more information at perthzoo.wa.gov.au

We highly recommend you schedule in a visit to the Perth Zoo before the dinosaurs become extinct. You would pay hundreds of dollars to see a dinosaur display like this - so it's well worth the entry fee, especially if you have a little dinosaur lover in the family. It was fantastic to hear all the squeals of excitement as we were walking around, it truly is a thrill for kids. If they look big to us imagine how big these magnificent dinosaurs look to them.

More information: www.perthzoo.wa.gov.au/zoorassicpark

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Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 15th March, 2016

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