Zootopia Movie Review (PG) 

Welcome to the Urban Jungle where things are certainly less than perfect in Zootopia


Meet Judy Hopps (voiced Ginnefer Goodwin) , just a little bunny from a small carrot farming town who is determined to be the first bunny cop to walk the beat in the big smoke of Zootopia and make the world a better place. Against all odds she gets through the police academy and is pumped and ready to serve the citizens of Zootopia – only to be issued with parking ticket duty of her first day while the other new police recruits are given an tough and exciting assignment to find 14 animals that have gone missing across the city.

But this doesn’t get her down and she is determined to stand out – in her quest to show the Police Chief (Idris Elba) her worth she finds herself caught up in a swindle orchestrated by wily fox Nick Wilde (voiced by Jason Bateman – 1,2,3 ladies.. ahhhh ) .  Using this to her advantage she blackmails Nick into helping her solve the missing animals case, and these two become unlikely partners.

Zootopia is essentially a crime story, with lots of animal puns and other laughs for the adults along the way. The movie aims to teach kids about prejudice and the role that making has in forming those prejudice. It shows how easy it is to be prejudice without even realising it – even for those who feel they are prejudice against. As Nick & Judy work together to solve the case they learn a lot about each and build a beautiful relationship based on trust and understanding.

A word of warning there is a fairly dark scene around the middle of the movie that may be a bit scary for younger ones. Our 5yo is pretty sensitive and during the scene where an evil eyed panther chases Nick & Judy with obvious intent to kill – saw him on my lap hiding his eyes.  There’s a couple of instances where something jumps out of the dark shadows and gives everyone a little jump from their seat too.  In saying this however, once this was over Master 5 was eyes glued to the screen before and after these scenes and overall loved the movie.

Overall our kids 5 & 9 gave it the big thumbs up.  Look out for the inside Disney jokes, animal puns and the sloth scene, which is super funny no matter how many times you’ve seen it. There’s also a few key phrases we are sure your kids will be saying over and over again too. Although there are a couple of sad/emotional scenes, I’m pleased to say this one didn’t make me cry at least. Zootopia only lost points from us for the scary scenes other than that we loved it and can’t wait to see it again! In Cinemas March 17th

Kids Around Perth gives Zootopia 9/10

Some scary scenes * Some emotional scenes * Low Level Adult Themes * Low Level Action * Lots of Adult Laughs * No Coarse Language * Recommended for 3yrs+

Review by Kids Around Perth Reporter Lauren, 9th March 2016

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